Wednesday, 27 November 2013

update 27/11/2013

I'm actually quite shocked, science girl has sold over 100 copies in the first week, which is getting me really anxious to work on a proper game again...

both the next damsel quest game and my non adult game idea have similar mechanics so i could probably design them both alongside each other, however... my spriter is taking a break after science girl wore him out so i'm left with nothing to do...

one person on ULMF is considering commissioning that rpgmaker game i've been doing little bits and pieces of but i can't afford to commit to it unless i get the deposit at least (since i need to pay an artist for the cgs) this is cause english rpg maker games typically haven't been successful sales wise... (couldnt help working on it a little though) but because of the funding i would be releasing it at a cheaper price than i would be able to risk usually as the commission would provide me 8/52 weeks rent

the next damsel quest game is gonna be an action rpg/platformer, the upgrade system will allow the player to raise whichever stats they want using skill points upon leveling, but there will also be extra skills you can unlock by offering item drops at altars, like lifesteal (i do love that lifesteal) i dropped the parry system because it simplifies development and complexity doesnt always mean good gameplay

the non adult game will use the same engine as the dq game, but the upgrade system will be different, with an equip system instead, the different runes you can equip modify your stats and some offer abilities like taking less poison damage, this difference means i can keep the general gameplay the same but the challenge will be different, for example. the anti poison rune lowers your stats, but allows you enough time to get through a poison filled passageway, but the lowered stats means you have to be extra careful to avoid enemy strikes

and the rpgmaker game is similar in gameplay to ib or witch house, you find items, solve puzzles and make choices, but also you have to sneak through certain enemy filled areas, you can see a barebones example of the necessary scripts at work here
this game has also given me the opportunity to give emi her own game (she would have been the main love interest in that yuri game i gave up on a while back)


  1. just tell them not to use internet explorer then, is crappy anyway

  2. This game sounds interesting, will you need a couple more artists to help?

    1. anyone to do spriting for me cheap would be nice :)

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